Parents are encouraged to come spend time at the center.  Activities each day may vary but will consist of the following:

- Arts and craft

- Play and dance with musical instruments

- Reading books

- Making a nutritional morning snack

- Outdoor play either at the center or

     walk to near-by park.

- Lunch many times served family style

- Quiet time to take naps or lay and read


- Walking to Library, School, Parks, or

    Businesses that have activities open

    to children

- Play time in various educational




Why ChooSE

My Center

  1. Certified Instructor
  2. child-first curriculum
  3. Safe clean environment
  4. Open concept center
  5. Loving environment
  6. Health living encouragement

Center Hours:    Tuesday - Friday

                         7:30 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.

Location:           680 W. Washington Avenue

                         Hayden, Colorado

Owner:              Katina Kline

                         (970) 276-3431 (970) 819-5189


Pricing:             Call for current price structure and information

                         on qualifying discounts and financial assistance

​​680 W Washington Ave

PO Box 127 Hayden CO 81639 US

+1.970.276.3431​ or 1.970.819.5189


Many families that have had children in Katina's care still keep in contact with her and often give recommendations to their friends and co-workers. 

Katina Wee Care Center

Wonder. Learn. Grow.